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For most of us, buying a car is a major purchase. That’s why it is so important to ensure that there are no problems with the sale that could jeopardize your legal ownership or result in unnecessary extra costs. In both Kansas and Missouri, there are laws regulating auto sales to ensure that buyers get what they paid for.

Unfortunately, sellers do not always fulfill their obligations. If you’re a recent car buyer and have faced issues with the timely transfer of title or any similar problem, Waddell Law Firm LLC is here to help you assert your rights and seek all available legal remedies. We fight for consumers against dishonest dealing and other unfair business practices.

Was Your Title Delivered Late Or Not Delivered At All?

The laws in both Missouri and Kansas state that an auto dealer must tender the title to the buyer within 60 days of the purchase. But there are times when this simply doesn’t happen. It could be because the dealer is unorganized and irresponsible. It could be because the dealer failed to pay off any loans on the car, clear any liens and go through the other work necessary to obtain a clear title.

Whatever the reason may be, failing to deliver a title within 60 days is illegal. If you recently bought a car but the title was late or didn’t arrive at all, you have the right to sue the dealer for monetary damages.

Our attorney, Scott Waddell, has helped numerous clients assert their legal rights after a failure to receive their auto title in a timely manner. In some cases, he was able to help clients successfully sue for monetary damages and also keep the car.

By taking action against these illegal practices, you are advocating for yourself and protecting your financial investment. At the same time, you may be preventing other consumers from getting ripped off by the dishonest dealer who sold to you.

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