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Consumer fraud is an all-too-common problem that leaves individuals and small businesses feeling disrespected and humiliated. Oftentimes, this conduct is more profitable for the business than simply adhering to the law. For many, taking on a large corporation or faceless agency can seem like a no-win situation. However, with help from a consumer protection attorney, you can use the law to hold violators responsible and secure compensation for damages.

Has a car dealer failed to deliver title for a vehicle you have purchased? Perhaps you were defrauded by false or misleading advertising? When you suspect fraudulent business practices, contact Waddell Law Firm LLC for free and learn how we can help you take action.

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Fraud, as it pertains to the marketplace, comes in many forms. Consumer fraud can include illegal or unjust credit reporting, auto fraud and title fraud. This conduct not only harms consumers – it hurts other businesses that chose to act morally, ethically and in compliance with the law.

Some other types of consumer fraud include:

  • Auto fraud, including failing to deliver title to vehicles after they are sold
  • Invasion of privacy by misusing automated calling services
  • Misleading, deceptive or false advertising

If you suspect that you have been defrauded by a financial institution or auto dealer, don’t assume you lack an avenue for recourse. With help from a consumer protection lawyer, you can draw attention to the company’s misdeeds, potentially gather support from other wronged consumers and pursue a lawsuit for damages.

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