Dealing With The Breach Of A Car Warranty?

While it is not required that auto manufacturers provide a written warranty, if a warranty is given in writing, it must comply with a number of criteria. When provided with a warranty, if you have questions about your rights or believe the warranty has been breached, it is essential to get in touch with an attorney who has experience handling these types of cases.

At Waddell Law Firm LLC, in Kansas City, Missouri, we are on the side of the consumer. Having years of experience handling all types of consumer law cases, including auto dealer fraud and other consumer fraud, we understand the frustration that consumers feel when they have been deceived. We are committed to fighting for your rights and seeing that justice is done.

Warranty Criteria

For a warranty to be valid, it must include the below criteria and more:

  • Warranty is in writing.
  • Warranty must have details of terms and conditions, which includes any situations in which the warranty becomes void and how long the warranty is good for.
  • The warranty document must be available to the buyer for review before the transaction is completed or finalized.
  • Specific language stating whether the warranty is full or limited.

When the above parts of the warranty are not included, the dealer attempts to modify the stated terms or other fraudulent actions are taken with regard to the warranty, a breach of warranty case may be appropriate.

Your Rights When A Warranty Is Breached

Included in the language of the warranty may be the courses of action that can be taken in the event of a breach, such as mediation or arbitration. However, it is essential that you speak to a lawyer who can break down the language and help you understand if you have a breach of warranty case or not. If so, we can provide you with your options and what the potential remedies are, whether it is receiving a new product, monetary compensation or another form of restitution due to the illegal breach.

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