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Power In Numbers: Protecting Your Consumer Rights Through Class Action Litigation

If you believe you are being treated unfairly by a financial institution or another business, chances are good that you are not alone. In many cases, consumer fraud and other violations of consumer protection laws often affect hundreds or even thousands of others just like you.

At Waddell Law Firm LLC, we offer aggressive representation to defrauded consumers and businesses by pursuing class action lawsuits. You can reach out to us, share your story and learn more about your options during a free informational meeting.

Pursuing Justice On Behalf Of Consumers Throughout Kansas And Missouri

Class action lawsuits are a useful legal resource for drawing attention to illegal actions affecting multiple people. With help from an experienced attorney, a private individual or group may pursue legal action on behalf of the larger whole. By investigating the larger impact of an issue, we can determine the number of people affected and build a stronger consumer protection class action case.

Some common types of class action lawsuits include:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Defective products such as automobile parts, repairs and manufacturing defects
  • Credit reporting errors
  • Security breaches or failure to protect sensitive personal information

When manufacturers, developers and large corporations cut corners to save time and increase profits, there is often a negative impact on the consumer and society as a whole. If you believe that you are the victim of wrongdoing in the marketplace, speak up and contact a lawyer equipped to handle consumer protection class actions.

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