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Experienced Legal Representation In Construction Defect Disputes

With an increase in development over the past decade, there has been a similar increase in the number of construction defect cases coming through the Kansas City area courts. In most cases, construction defects involve flaws in the design, inspection, construction, planning or oversight of the development of both residential and commercial buildings. Essentially, if a building fails to measure up to “reasonable” structural, operational or safety expectations of the buyer, legal recourse is available.

For some people, defining and understanding the legal application of “reasonable” expectations can be a challenge. Our attorney, Scott Waddell, can review the circumstances surrounding any construction defects or contract disputes affecting the integrity or development of your home or property, explain the law and help you pursue damages.

No Matter What Went Wrong, We Can Help You Address It Through Litigation

Some common construction-related issues we help businesses and individuals resolve include:

  • Defective material claims such as claims for faulty or defective flooring, framing, roofing, etc.
  • Disputes regarding contracts such as cost overrun or contract variations
  • Payment and performance issues
  • Delays in the completion of a project
  • Issues with the workmanship or safety of a project
  • Subsurface issues or latent defects such as foundational problems that compromise the structure’s integrity and safety
  • Misrepresentations regarding the scope, quality and/or cost of work

Whether your claim pertains to a project in Kansas or Missouri, we can help you assess the potential for success and ultimately develop a strategy for holding those responsible accountable.

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