Auto Dealer Fraud

Buying a car can and should be a fun and exciting experience. Unfortunately, sometimes that experience can turn into a real nightmare, if it turns out that the car dealer acted in a fraudulent manner. Auto dealer fraud generally describes deceptive and unlawful practices used by automobile dealers. We can help you enforce your legal rights if you are the victim of this type of fraud.

Common Types of Auto Dealer Fraud

There are various ways that an auto dealer and manufacturer can commit fraud. The most common examples we see and litigate in Missouri and Kansas involve:

  • Failing to honor warranties and extended service contracts sold on vehicles
  • Failing to deliver the vehicle's title within the requisite amount of time
  • Intentionally not disclosing known information about prior wrecks and damage
  • Forging of the sales documents
  • Yo-Yo financing scams (dealers and finance companies promising and agreeing to certain interest rates and other financial terms then later attempting to force changes in those terms upon a consumer after the sale is already consummated and the vehicle is delivered)

There are many other ways an auto dealer can commit auto fraud. The best way to defend yourself against auto dealer fraud is to be a well-informed consumer and contact us as soon as you believe something is not right.

Enforcing Your Rights

If you think you might have been the victim of auto dealer fraud, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We can help you determine if the dealer's actions were in fact fraudulent and illegal and advise you on the best course of action for your particular circumstances.